St. Paul School Writing Workshop Club

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The third and fourth grade Writing Workshop Club is a collaboration between St. Paul Lutheran School and the School of Education at Concordia University – Ann Arbor. During the fall 2012 semester, five pre-service student teachers from Concordia worked closely with third and fourth grade students at St. Paul on a variety of writing exercises. Through use of the research-based writing workshop methods, the teachers delivered student-centered instruction in a variety of genres – from fantasy to poetry. While the children took ownership of their writing by having freedom over content, lessons in conventions, mechanics, and style were embedded in the teacher-led small group and one-on-one instruction, and it’s our hope that the children will apply these lessons learned to their academic writing in their regular classrooms. By working alongside the children, the teachers became co-learners, co-explorers, and co-communicators, and they modeled a lifelong love of learning and writing. Most important, the teachers led students to discover that writing is both fun and empowering.

We hope you enjoy the student and student-teacher writing samples on these pages as much as we did creating them. Please leave comments!

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